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Don’t Fall Victim To Etobicoke Plumbing Service Scammers

etobicoke plumbing contractor working inside of an etobiocke home repairing the trap underneath a sink

We’ve all heard the stories: someone finds an Etobicoke plumbing contractor online, they come and do the work at an astounding price, and within weeks the person is trying to find someone who can fix the damage. Local drain service experts, Absolute Draining & Plumbing specialize in serving the Etobicoke area and they explained it to us best; plumbing customers have not benefited from the internet: there are literally thousands of people pretending to be plumbers online, willing to work for incredibly low rates for any job. But when they finish the work, they disappear, and more often than not, the person who hired these fake plumbing contractors are left with a mess that only a qualified worker can fix.

Providing Unnecessary Plumbing Services

Probably the most common way people find out they’ve been scammed is when the work isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. Whether the pipes are leaking, the surrounding work is falling apart, or it simply looks bad, plenty of homeowners are finding out afterwards that they were scammed. And the worst part is, there’s no way to find the people once they leave. They cut cell phones and disappear, leaving you with the mess and a bill to pick up. Even if you could find them, it’s doubtful they would guarantee their work anyways. They know from the start they aren’t offering quality service.

Plumbing Isn’t Up To Code

Another way people discover they’ve been scammed is far more detrimental in the long run: the work wasn’t up to code. Often, this isn’t found until house inspectors come just before the sale of a house or, worse, once everything has been signed pending a house inspection. When a house fails an inspection due to plumbing not being up to code, two things happen: the house price drops substantially and your deal will most likely fall through. For people who were scammed, the work may look okay, but if it isn’t up to code, the house will have a hard time selling. Considering our homes are one of our biggest investments, risking that sort of financial hit just to save money on a plumbing job is simply not worth it, both in time and especially in money.

How To Find Real Plumbers

So how do we know the scammers from the real deals, the fake plumbers from the licensed plumbing service contractor? Well, one is the license itself. Whenever you get work done by someone claiming to be certified, ask to see the certification. It shouldn’t be an issue (unless they don’t have it) and any certified worker would be happy to show you they run an honest business.

Another is a guarantee of the work provided, in writing. Many scammers will hesitate to put anything in writing for fear of it catching up with them but legitimate businesses will probably come with one already prepared. The guarantee is less about the work itself, chances are a legitimate plumbing service will do a good job and not have to fix any mistakes, but the promise of a job well done the first time. Scammers, obviously, are not fans of such promises.

No matter what your job is, there is absolutely no substitute for a qualified Etobicoke plumbing contractor. Only workers with the right paperwork, including licences and guarantees, will give you the right job at the right price.

Wall Murals Toronto Residents Are Demanding

beautiful interior accent wall mural in Toronto home showcasing an arrangement of roses behind a white couch

Many people think that murals are for businesses and public spaces, that they are either inside an office, at a park, or on the side of a building. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, more and more people are turning to mural painters – wall murals Toronto residents demand are increasingly more complex than in earlier years thus excluding DIY solutions. Here’s why:

Have Something No One Else Can Get
Toronto area muralists create unique artwork that you simply cannot replicate. So while other homes may be filling up with prints and cheap recreations, you can have a piece of real art that simply cannot be copied. If you want to make a statement and follow your own path, be sure to call up a muralist. They’ll work directly with you to create something that only you will have.

Make a Bold Statement
Muralists work directly with their clients to create something wholly unique, but also something that makes a statement. Whether you’re looking for a lighter piece in your bedroom or a captivating mural in your living room or front of your office, a muralist can work with you to create something memorable.

Get Real Art from a Real Artist
Let’s face it: getting high quality and authentic art that isn’t simply a print of a picture of the Eiffel Tower is getting more and more difficult to find and afford. Art is expensive (especially within the Greater Toronto Area) and getting quality, custom work for your home or office is near-impossible. Muralists offer some of the most effective and affordable ways to get real artistry into your space and have something beautiful and unique that you’ll have for years to come. If you’re looking for quality art, you’ll find it with a muralist.

Contribute to Your Local Art Scene
Local Toronto artists are an integral aspect of the city. They not only help beautify spaces, but they help lead and define important conversations. By hiring a professional muralist, you get to help contribute to and support this important community, all while getting something that’s beautiful and unique.

By hiring mural painters to paint Toronto wall murals, you can create a unique and bold decor choice that people will remember. It’s an excellent way to support local artists and have a defining piece of your home that no one else can copy.